The Weekender Club

An Exclusive Event Every Month

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In addition to organizing big events with many Influencers, Celebrities and talents from all over the world, you can participate to exclusive events every month with some of our Special Guests in many destinations for your long weekends at unbeatable prices.


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What is “The Weekender Club”?

Traveling with your friends and family is great, but you don’t always have a whole week to dedicate to travel. The Weekender Club offers you a series of events for 4, or 5 days with super exclusive events such as parties, and happenings to make your stay even more exciting.

Can I bring with me a group of friends?

Absolutely yes! Everyone can participate in the initiative as long as they are Luxio Members. If you would like to bring friends or share this experience with anyone, please make sure they are members and book through this site. Each member have to book from his/her dashboard.

Do I need to be a member to participate?

Yes. You must be a member to access this opportunity. You can choose Classic Membership if you are traveling alone or Premium Membership if you want to bring a friend or your partner / family with you. Check out the membership rules to find out the details

What can I do once at destination?

During all events we will invite influencers, celebrities and artists that you’ll meet through specific activities in the same hotel/resort, such as dinners, fun activities and more. The Artist (Ambassador) will be available with designated activities to meet the fans described in the program details.

What is included usually?

To make the events accessible to all, we have decided to include the minimum necessary. The hotel room, breakfast (some without) and entrance fees to the events we organize with our Special Guests. All extras (dinners, excursions, flights, transfers, etc …) are optional.

Why are the prices so low?

We manage to have low prices (considering the hotel categories and destinations) because we organize ourselves directly with the hotels and do not charge the member with unnecessary expenses. Each member can then choose their own extras based on will and need.